Furkan Crushing and Grinding Machines

Why choose Furkan?

You can quickly make warm, fluid, and fresh paste in your business enterprise thanks to Furkan Crushing and Grinding Machines. Designed to grind all types of nuts easily, they are also four times faster than any machinery in their class, which means more production power per unit of time. Fully made from 304L stainless steel both inside and outside, they are fully in compliance with the food codex.

How do Furkan Crushing and Grinding Machines operate?

Put the nuts to the bowl of the Furkan Crushing Machine and place a jar underneath. The instant you touch the start button, this machine is capable of processing 40-50 kg of product per hour. Moreover, it is easy-to-use as it operates with city type electric power. You can make any kind of products with cacao and hoppy in Furkan Grinding Machine.

Where to use Furkan Crushing and Grinding Machines?

You get the best results with Furkan Crushing Machine whenever you need paste. You can use it in markets, charcuteries, and your own enterprise in which you produce paste, with much less effort to easily pass from one nut to another. If you want to grind only poppy and cocoa, Furkan Grinding Machine will be a perfect choice.

Information on the details of use of Furkan Crushing and Grinding Machines!

Furkan Crushing Machine is the best in its class in terms of price and performance required for making paste. You can buy Furkan Crushing Machine for your enterprise in order to use with proper nuts. You can grind poppy and cacao in Furkan Grinding Machine so quickly.


Fully made from 304L stainless steel both inside and outside, they are fully in compliance with the food codex.

● The machines have the base area of 29x29 cm and the height of 75 cm.

Electrical energy consumption is 1.5 KW per hour.

It produces about 35-50 kg of paste per hour. (The amount of production is based on the freshness of product.)

It has a highly economic operation as they operate with 220V and the sound of operation is not disturbing.

It is suitable for operation with city type electric power.

It does not require maintenance cost as they operate with closed circuit system.

Amazingly easy-to-use. They operate with just a single button.

They are multi-functional machines: The crushing machine crushes all nuts to make paste. The grinding machine, on the other hand, grinds poppy and cacao quickly and with a very high-quality.

It can be used for long periods of time thanks to the 304L steel they are made of.

It weighs only 53 kg. Easy to handle and assemble.

It comes with a 2-year warranty.


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