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Furkan Crushing and Grinding Machines, which can be used in all enterprises making paste from nuts for end customers, are designed to crush all nuts in the world. Our objective is to allow you to process the products to add value to your business, in the easiest and quickest way.

The secret of our machines which fully comply with food safety principles and have an exceptionally long lifetime, is their speed. Taking smaller space than industry type machines and operating with city type electric power, Furkan Crushing and Grinding Machines produces about 40-50 kg of product per hour. What is more, they are operated with just a single button and do not require maintenance cost.

They are pretty economical as they are operated with 220V and their operation sound does not disturb people in your enterprise. Besides, they are made from 304L steel completely and have a long lifetime. There is no chance to have burnt products and the products will be above the standard thanks to the production in the best possible quality.

Furkan takes place in both national and international fairs, and in various industrial work machinery fairs and brings you the product that your business needs.


Our vision is to ensure satisfaction of our domestic and foreign customers with the reliance and quality we offer in the industry and to continue developing ourselves.


Our mission is to maintain strong bonds with our customers, continue working without compromising the principle of equity, and always adopt prospective developments.

Our quality policy is based on continuously improving our work processes, decreasing the failure rate, meeting customer expectations with our services provided during and after application, and taking action for these purposes.

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